The first Clio Trophy France championship winner will be offered an official rally sports program in 2021. Indonesia The Renault Sport Spider’s engine was the four-cylinder 1998 cc F7R introduced on the Clio Williams, which produced 150 hp @ 6,000 rpm and topped out at 211 km/h. REMARQUE: Ces paramètres ne s’appliqueront qu’au navigateur et l’appareil que vous utilisez actuellement. The Trophy-R branded F1-type front blade, chequered flag on the front doors and other graphics added to the sporty looks, set off by 19-inch black or red Speedline wheel rims. Bangladesh The Mégane R.S. Yes The exhaust emerged spectacularly from the front bonnet and ran along the windscreen and then the roof. Lightening of doors, boot and bonnet with fibreglass panels, plastic windows and stripping the interior brought the R17’s weight down by more than 25 percent, to just 820kg. Sebastian Vettel has big shoes to fill as Sergio Perez's replacement, says Brawn. Those three words define Le Club. In the late 1960s that led them to take a world tour in a Renault 4 – and a movie of their adventures won amateur film of the year at the 1969 Cannes Film Festival. It was tedious. In all, 14 models were prepared at the factory to represent the R17 on the world rally (...). The New R.S. Jamaica The new car needed a new driver and the main man for the job was none other than Jean Ragnotti, one of France’s favourite racing drivers. sales. • 8 - 10 july 2016 - Rallye Bourgogne / Côte Chalonnaise - France Malaysia Publié le 9 décembre 2020 à 10h35 par La rédaction . Burkina Faso You decide what you want to see, read and post. United Kingdom ... Renault, Dacia and Alpine win awards at 2020 What... January 2, 2020. press release. Marshall Islands While offering its innovative E-TECH technology on its best popular cars Renault makes hybrid cars available to evryone with an extensive offer available on all R.S. Senegal Colombia Alain Menu, 1994 BTCC runner-up, was joined by the 1991 champion Will Hoy to fully exploit the potential of the new Renault Laguna (...). When Renault then streamlined the 40CV in (...), Before 1924, French manufacturers were hampered by most world record attempts being held outside France on speed rings at Brooklands (Great Britain), Indianapolis (United States) and Monza (Italy). Une bourse d’une valeur équivalente à 350 000 € sera attribuée par Renault Sport Racing au pilote remportant la Formule Renault Eurocup, à la condition que celui-ci accepte d’être intégré au sein du programme 2019 de la Renault Sport Academy. Guinea valeur Congo As a result, the team made a number of modifications to the car, resulting in an entirely different model to the previous year’s, with a longitudinal engine configuration closer to that of the original production car. Preuve de la renommée et de la formation acquise dans ce championnat, Alain Prost, Felipe Massa, Lewis Hamilton ou encore Daniel Ricciardo ont fait leurs gammes en Formule Renault. The championship features drivers competing in 1.8 litre Formula Renault single seat race cars that conform to the technical regulations for the championship. Switzerland For 2005, new regulations led to the development of the R25 with its innovative front suspension system – a response to the ban on tyre changes – better aerodynamics and an engine that could run in two successive Grand (...). Papua New Guinea Take more than 120 years of Renault motor racing experience, including four decades at the sharp end of Formula 1®, and distil it into a set of accessories, parts and apparel for R.S. The links between motorsport and video game competitions are undeniable: passion, emotion and performance. With the Cup chassis and limited-slip differential as standard, ‘Öhlins Road&Track’ one-way adjustable dampers with composite springs and MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres were also part of the package. We bring you all the ins and outs of the sport, 24/7, everything from up-to-the-minute news and features to the latest viral stories and clips. With a guaranteed technical and sporting equity, the drivers will be able to compete on equal terms in six of the most beautiful events of the French Rally Championship 2017: Touquet, Antibes, Rouergue, Mont Blanc, Heart of France and the Var. Voire plus, au-delà, selon l’efficacité du nouveau règlement. Sri Lanka • 26 - 28 may 2016 - Rallye du Chablais - Suisse Designed and created by Renault’s Head of Automotive Styling, Gaston Juchet, the Renault 20 took its name from its 1,995 cc engine, and was known for its simple presentation, flexible suspension and comfortable interior. Only 250 examples of this limited-edition series went on sale in some 15 countries. Costa Rica You may ask for receiving a copy of your information in a structured and standard format.To exercise any of these rights, you may contact us, providing a proof of your identity, by email at and by post at Renault SAS, Legal Department – Data Protection, 13/15 quai le Gallo 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, France.For more information, please follow this link Personal Data, E-TECH Plug- in Hybrid - Technology Explained, A NEW DRIVING EXPERIENCE FOR MORE PLEASURE AND EFFICIENCY, Stay up to date with the latest Renault Sport Team Vitality news, EVENTS: FIND THE BEST R.S. The innovative R.S. Official parts (...), In the first third of the 20th century, car manufacturers were in a real race: to produce the fastest cars they could. The difference in achievable speed and real speed over 24 hours was explained by refuelling and tyre-change stops. Rally Di Roma Capital (23-25 september) Rally Princesa de Asturias (9-10 September) Bahrain Unveiled in June 1962, the Renault 8 was the successor to the popular Renault Dauphine, using the same rear-mounted 956cc engine delivering 48 hp. The Renault Maxi 5 Turbo went on to become a benchmark for a two-wheel drive car on tarmac. With no any attempt at comfort, the prototype focussed on thrills and pure driving pleasure. Production ended in 1999, but the Renault Spider is fondly remembered by fans for its radical design and exciting performance. Renault Sport Team Vitality is involved in professional video games competitions. Follow your favorite team and driver's progress with daily updates Japan Syria En 9 saisons, elle a remporté par trois fois le titre par équipe (2017, 2018, 2019) et deux fois le titre pilote (Max Fewtrell en 2018, Oscar Piastri en 2019). A whole generation of young French drivers were to settle into that cockpit to race in the Coupe Renault 8 (...), The tiny “Gorde” with its RWD, rear engine layout proved perfect for the bumpy twisting roads of rallies such as the Tour de Corse. More than 700 of the first CLIO Cup were produced and raced in a dozen national championships. A power-to-weight ratio of 5.09kg/hp and power of 132.5hp/litre delivers 0-100km/h in just 6 seconds and a top speed of 254km/h, statistics that don’t describe the fun also on tap. Renault Sport worked hard to achieve that tricky compromise between everyday road comfort and track grunt, but still delivered a 0-100km/h time of just 6 (...). Pakistan Madagascar France -- His work on the Renault 8 transformed a dependable street car into an outstanding competitive race car that was soon nicknamed “La (...), In September 1964, the first R8 Gordini went on show at the Salon de l’Auto in Paris. The latest Formula 1 News from the 2020 Formula 1 Season. It is also a stage where your voice can be heard, where stories of fellow petrolheads are shared, where stunning pictures and exhilarating videos are posted by R.S. That may not seem much today, but in 1926 the engine of the average vehicle on the road made less than 50hp – little wonder then that the 40CV was such a success. Design focus has been on driving pleasure on the road, and speed with control on the race circuit. Kiribati Mr. Guglielmo Giacomello After finishing fifth in the 1990 championships, the Briton was on the verge of retirement before Frank Williams convinced him of the potential of the team’s new partnership with Renault. The pairing of ‘Jeannot’ and the Renault 21 Superproduction soon proved to be a match made in heaven. Bhutan The TC4, celebrating the technical partnership between R.S. As impressive as its speed off the grid, was the grip and stopping power of the Mégane R26.R. Later models gained a sequential gearbox for even better performance. Moldova Kyrgyzstan googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1570701821262-0');}); … Renault already had some commercial success with the 40CV, production of which began in 1911, However, it was the replacement of the older six-cylinder 7.5-litre engine with a larger 9.1-litre version in the Type HD Version of 1920 that really made a difference, followed by the addition in 1922 of a hydraulic servo-brake system. By the late 1980s, the team was looking for a new high-class engine partner, eventually teaming up with Renault in 1989. The 1966 model was tweaked even further, with stronger wheel arches and other chassis strengthening, while the door and rear numbers were (...), The 1966 R8 Gordini was boosted with a 1255cc engine with twin Weber 40DCOEs. Team Vitality is the most successful French team in Europe, number 1 in France and winner of many (...). The Spider’s doors are one of its most recognizable features, opening vertically in "beetle-wing" style and having no handles. The Superproduction saw an all-new 2L turbo engine with four in-line cylinders producing 430 hp that could reach up to 290 km/h. Barbados Cape Verde The car was launched in October 1987, claiming its first podium finish in March 1988, just over five months later. He called on (...), Louis Renault’s aim was to associate the Nervasport name with extreme power and aerodynamics – and the rules for construction were simple: take the standard engine from the production line and have the body supported by a wooden frame and a standard chassis. Having added everything they could to speed the car up, Renault Sports’ engineers also took away everything that might slow the car down, from airconditioning to sound insulation. Thanks to our multiple features you can find exclusive news, organise and join R.S. Store F1 Based on the Alpine series, with every car hand-built in Alpine’s Dieppe factory, the Renault Spider’s chassis was made of aluminium and its body of plastic composite, bringing its weight down to only 930 kg. Another option was the four-point roll bar, designed to meet any track safety requirements. Guatemala Philippines : +377 93 15 26 00. The opening of the Montlhéry race track in October 1924 changed all that. L’écurie y participe depuis sa création, en 2011. He secured ninth position in the 2019 Formula 1 World Drivers’ Championship. With a five-speed gearbox, it developed 88hp at 6500 rpm and a resulting top speed of 175 km/h. Hoy had a more mixed year but the Williams Renault team still finished as winners of the Constructor’s title, with a clear lead over all their rivals. Nicaragua Liberia Saudi Arabia Cuba Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Les jeunes prodiges du sport automobile peuvent rejoindre le championnat dès leurs 16 ans pour poursuivre leur formation après le karting. Renault Sport is proud to introduce you to a unique digital platform designed specifically for you. dacia. Its powerful engine, allied with confidence-inspiring handling and braking, comes with optional details such as F1-style launch control and steering wheel paddles and mutli-change down technology on EDC (...), Every generation of the Mégane R.S. Algeria Those victories saw Ragnotti claim the French Championship drivers’ title in the Superproduction class. -- A Mégane R.S. Israel Belgium Iran Performance, R.S. Ever since the Gordini Cup, Renault has maintained a consistent presence on racetracks throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Canada Lesotho Timor Norway Designed as a “mini touring car” based on the Renault Sport CLIO 2.0 16v, the original CLIO Cup’s technical data sheet was the stuff of dreams. At the height of its success in Formula One™ with the V10 engines, Renault took the bold step of designing an uncompromising sports car. alpine. Ragnotti won the 1985 Tour de Corse in the car and even after Group B was cancelled the following year, it won many races in the Group F class over the following 20 years to prove its long-standing quality. Formula 1. finance. Bolivia San Marino Armenia Performance captures the very essence of Renault Sport’s racing DNA and applies it to a range of apparel, add-ons and specialised kits, all in the purest ‘track day spirit’ and designed to push performance to new levels. Niger A special braking kit shed another three kilograms off the Mégane R.S. owners the opportunity to customise their car to suit their needs and bring them greater ease on the track. Brunei 265 Trophy; Mégane R.S. Italian-born designer Amédée Gordini was known as “Le Sorcier” (“The Wizard”) for his work race-tuning engines for Simca in the late 1940s and early 1950s. cars that have made the brand’s reputation can now find a new home. Sporting a new two-tone colour scheme, an Etoilé Black roof matched with an Pearlescent White finish, the Mégane R.S. Rally II Ciocco (18-20 March) Netherlands Riolfo called on four technicians from la Régie who were selected for their qualities as drivers – Roger Quatresous, Léo Fromentin, André Wagner and Georges Berthelon – to help turn the Renault Nervasport Records into a true record-breaker. Despite a handicap of 128 kg and transmission issues, the car took 11 poles from 14 races and came second in the (...), Williams Grand Prix Engineering was founded in 1977 when new partner Patrick Head joined Frank Williams Racing Cars. With Le Club, R.S. In his first year wearing Renault colours, Daniel finished in points-scoring positions on eight separate occasions, with a season high fourth place coming at the Italian Grand Prix. -- His journey to Formula 1 included four years (...). On the road, and especially on the track, it gives drivers reassuring feedback of every aspect of the car’s performance. La Formule Renault Eurocup est le championnat phare de R-ace GP. Based on Mégane R.S., the TC4 adopts a full body kit that greatly improves aerodynamics, a more powerful engine reaching 360 bhp thanks to full electronic (...), The TC4 was developed to provide purists with all the adrenaline and speed they could wish for, allowing them to achieve an impressive level of performance on the track during their riding sessions (it is not road approved). Eventually, their excellent navigation and driving skills won through, and they resisted the (...), In the early 1970s, Renault began production on one of its best-ever selling models, the Renault 5 (known as Le Car in the USA). The new three-door hatchback proved so popular that the minimum production requirement of 2,500 for competition homologation purposes was quickly exceeded, with a total of 3,800 rolling off the production line for the first run. Formule 1 : Alain Prost se réjouit des résultats de Renault ! • 20 - 22 october 2016 - Rallye International du Valais - Suisse Every detail has been reconsidered to bring the best performance and endurance on the track: from its new Cup chassis and bi-material brakes to its Torsen® limited slip differential, 19-inch caps and Bridgestone S007 wheels, nothing has been overlooked in the quest for driving (...). Benin Panama When launched at the 1977 British Grand Prix, the Renault R.S 01 became the first turbocharged car to race in a Formula OneTM race – but that was not its only ‘first’. Azerbaijan It had an even lighter aluminium chassis, with a weight of 850 kg, a six-speed gearbox and its engine produced 180 hp and a top speed of 251 km/h. Drive, this is a car that puts the driver first. Jordan TECHNICAL REGULATION Williams Renault won both the BTCC Constructor and Team titles in only their fourth year of (...). To get around strict regulations for Group B rally cars, it decided to change capacity class and produced just 20 units of the ultimate version of the R5 Turbo, the Renault Maxi 5 Turbo. Renault had gained its first F1TM points and the turbo era of F1TM racing had (...). Trophy is recognisable at a glance thanks to its black roof, branded decals, rear lip spoiler, and 19-inch Gloss Black STEEV wheels with red piping. Chile or have you always dreamt of owning a Renault Clio Williams, a 2011 Mégane R.S. 01 bore little relation to the car that debuted at Silverstone. The New Mégane R.S. Les cookies et scripts utilisés et leur impact sur votre visite sont spécifiés à gauche. 2016 Technical regulation model cars and their drivers and you get the R.S. By race four in Monaco, things started to come together, however, with Mansell finishing second, while in race six, the team scored a 1-2 with Patrese victorious and Mansell in second place. When Simca closed its racing department in 1956, he moved to Renault and the result was a match made in heaven. 23 Bd Albert 1er, Monaco. The skin was made of hammered (...). Fiji Paraguay After 19 races, seven victories, eight more places podiums and only two retirements, 24-year-old Fernando Alonso claimed the F1 (...), The R25 was fitted with a paddle-operated six-speed semi-automatic gearbox (with one reverse gear). While the petrol engine is working at its maximum efficiency, the extra-energy generated is used to reload its fast recovering battery. Seychelles Motorsport. Jobs Renault Sport Cars (Les Ulis) 275 Trophy-R made a great first impression. Liechtenstein En 2008, le championnat de France de Formule Renault, devient la Formula Renault 2.0 West European Cup en intégrant les manches organisées en Espagne, au Portugal et en Belgique. With only 350 R26.R ever built, any owner is in exclusive company. Take more than 120 years of Renault motor racing experience, including four decades at the sharp end of Formula 1®, and distil it into a set of accessories, parts and apparel for R.S.