(Business in Cameroon) - Invited by his French peer, Emmanuel Macron, to participate in the Paris Peace Forum 2019 (November 11 to 13), Cameroonian President Paul Biya actively participated in a debate session moderated by Mo Ibrahim on the theme: “Rise of the south: towards a more balanced global governance system. Even I, someone who is against post-independence separatism in Africa, cannot help but think how they could not. L'actualité de Paul Biya le président du Cameroun. France must stop supporting the president and his electoral ploys, Last modified on Mon 2 Nov 2020 07.32 GMT. The meeting between Paul Biya and the Ambassador of France to Cameroon Christophe Guilhou was supposed to answer questions surrounding the Cameroonian president’s health status and quiet rumours, with some people even maintaining that he was dead. South West Governor, Okalia Bilai Bernard read the president’s condolence message. Just how many more lives and dreams must a dictator like Biya destroy before France stops supporting him and his electoral ploy? The PM laid a wreath from President Biya and his wife, Mrs. Chantal Biya. Il a battu son opposant Maurice Kamto. After nearly three years of separatist violence, the two sides are currently at an impasse. He presented gifts offered to them by First Lady Madam Chantal Biya. Francis Che Ambe, father of one of the victims of the school shooting thanked President Biya. As Africa’s largest producer of timber and the world’s fifth-largest producer of the cocoa, Cameroon should be a rich country. The English-speaking regions want to succeed from Cameroon. The renewed escalation of violence by Boko Haram in Nigeria and the Lake Chad region is adding to the suffering. The “Sports Complex d’Olembe”, also called COSO, is a stadium designed to host the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON). Paul Biya is shown Oct. 7 casting his ballot, with his wife Chantal Biya watching at a polling station in Yaounde, Cameroon. (Business in Cameroon) - For the first time since the government reshuffle on March 2, 2018, Paul Biya met with the new government. His current mandate will expire in 2025 when he’ll be 92. Around noon on Saturday, October 24, 2020, gunmen attacked Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy Fiango, Kumba. L'actualité de Paul Biya le président du Cameroun. We thank the entire government of Cameroon. Paul Biya (c) Droits réservés . For the sake of Cameroon, life-president Paul Biya must be forced out This article is more than 1 month old. Paul Biya (* 13. The Head of Government then conveyed the President’s condolence message to the bereaved families shortly before the caskets were handed over for burial. Paul Biya, président de la République du Cameroun ©PRC Le président camerounais Paul Biya s'apprête à conclure son 12e mois. November 23, 2020. Tit-for-tat killings have become part of daily lives in some parts of the English-speaking regions. (CNN) Cameroon's President Paul Biya has been re-elected for a seventh term, the country's constitutional council said Monday, extending his 36-year rule over the nation. However, the Etoudi Palace resident’s reappearance on the small screen after not being seen in public since 11 March, when Cameroon had … “I have also instructed that appropriate measures be taken diligently to ensure that the perpetrator of these despicable acts are apprehended by our defense and security forces and brought to justice.”. Sie ist bekannt für ihre extravaganten Frisuren und ihren luxuriösen Kleidungsstil, weshalb sie auch „la Lionne … In my view the answer is more poverty, more violence, more corruption and more suffering. Dezember 1970 in Kamerun als Chantal Vigouroux) ist seit dem 23. Cameroon will continue on the downward trajectory that has characterised it for almost 40 years. State authorities say they opened fire on no fewer than 20 students, killed at least seven (six girls and a boy), and badly wounded about 13 others – ten girls and three boys. Paul Biya Marks 38 Years in Power November 5, 2020 1 Comment The Street Journal | Paul Biya will clock 38 years as president of Cameroon tomorrow, November 6, maintaining his position as Africa’s second longest-ruling leader. For France, the rebel regions’ ongoing struggle is an unforgivable sin against FranceAfrique, still recovering from the locals’ rejection of the CFA Franc. Cameroon’s stabilisation should have started in 1992 after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the cold war when Biya reluctantly adopted a multiparty system. Corporate demands by Common Law Lawyers and Anglophone Teachers led to protests in November 2016. Toutes les informations au Cameroun en live. During the meeting, he prescribed a government roadmap to the new ministers. I condemn in the strongest possible terms this barbaric and cowardly crime against innocent children,” Biya wrote. He is planning to run again. “I learned with great sadness the horrific murder of seven students of the Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy in the town of Kumba. He does not travel alone. Le président camerounais Paul Biya est mort ce XXXXXXX à l'âge de XXXXX. A vote for regional councils has been promised since 1996. The country should be rich, but … Image: Lintao Zhang/Pool Photo via AP. Le président Paul Biya a été réélu président du Cameroun le 22 octobre. Er stammt aus dem Bulu-Volk. Cameroon – South West: Bakoma Elango Zacheus is Regional Executive President; Chief Atem Ebako heads House of Chiefs, Cameroun - Consécration: La romancière Djaïli Amadou reçue en audience par Chantal Biya, Cameroun - Régionales 2020: Aucune femme n’a été élue à la tête d’une région, Cameroun - Elections des présidents des Conseils régionaux/Nourane Fotsing (député PCRN): «C’est le plus grand scandale de l’année 2020», Cameroun - Lutte contre le Covid-19: Le ministre Malachie Manaouda invite son principal accusateur, le député Jean-Michel Nintcheu, à une réunion d'évaluat, Cameroon – Regional Council: North West begins ‘Special Status’ era with Professor Angwafo III Fru Fobuzshi as Regional President, Cameroun - Régionales 2020/Denis Emilien Atangana (président du FDC): «Que peut-on attendre de ces retraités préoccupés à retrouver leurs anciens cadres, Meet pioneer presidents of Cameroon’s Regional Councils, Cameroun - Régionales 2020: Le parcours du Dr Mohamadou Dewa, le nouveau président du Conseil régional de l’Adamaoua, Cameroun - Diplomatie: Selon le journal Africa Intelligence, les rapports entre la France et le Cameroun sont tendus depuis plusieurs mois. Cameroon authorities blame armed separatists for the attack. “Madam Chantal Biya, our First Lady also sent gifts and assistance to those families. But, in doing so, France is strengthening the separatist’s strongest argument that Cameroon’s institutions represent only Biya and his corrupt, Paris-backed, Francophile elites who exploit the region’s resources and kill with impunity. Paul Biya, Cameroon ‘s 85-year-old president, has formally declared that he will run again in the country’s upcoming elections, seeking a seventh term. Because Biya is trying to deflect local pressure and international criticism for his misrule and abuse. Caskets of schoolchildren slain in Kumba school massacre, Caskets of victims of Kumba school massacre. “The people of Cameroon must rise against the puppet regime of Paul Biya and usher in a dispensation that will respect all people of Cameroon including those that come from Ambazonia”. Cameroon's President Paul Biya and First Lady Chantal Biya arrive at the opening ceremony of the Francophone Summit in Montreux October 23, 2010. According to the World Food Programme, 40% live below the poverty line. Paul Biya Is Offering Cameroon’s Anglophones Too Little, Too Late The Cameroonian government is seeking to implement a 1996 law it refused to … Cameroon’s Prime Minister, Head of Government, Chief Dr. Dion Ngute Joseph represented the country’s Head of State, President Paul Biya at an official funeral in Kumba Thursday, November 5, 2020. But his greed and obsession with power has rendered this impossible. That’s 25% of the population. L'actualité camerounaise sous un angle de 360° (Image: REUTERS/Valentin Flauraud.) Cameroonian President Paul Biya has been in power since 1982. Cameroonian president Paul Biya and his wife, Chantal Biya, September 2018. n 6 December, Africa’s oldest serving leader, Paul Biya, and his ruling party, the world’s fifth-largest producer of the cocoa, Biya, who “won” his seventh term with more than 70% in 2018, A vote for regional councils has been promised since 1996, No 1 ranking as “the world corruption champion”, According to the World Food Programme, 40% live below the poverty line, 6.2 million are in need of humanitarian assistance, is an unforgivable sin against FranceAfrique, still recovering from the local. For me, the best way forward for peace and for the reunification of Cameroon is to force out Biya, whose tentacles pry into every aspect of the country, choking life and talent. Les infos au Cameroun Paul Biya, chantal Biya, Brenda Biya Pour Christian Bomo Ntimbane, la SONAMINES est la nouvelle « fumisterie du régime du renouveau » Crise anglophone : Paul Biya veut relancer les négociations avec les séparatistes Tributes have been paid to seven schoolchildren murdered in Kumba on October 24, 2020, by gunmen. The terrible irony of Biya’s ploy to deflect attention is that the elections will exacerbate the longstanding grievances of the English-speaking communities. Cameroun – Soupçons de détournement de fonds Covid19 : Jean Michel Nintcheu décline l’invitation du Ministre de la santé. May the souls of the little angels rest in the bosom of our Lord,” Che Ambe said. April 1994 die Ehefrau von Paul Biya, dem zweiten Präsidenten von Kamerun. Paul Biya has deep pockets... and they're lined with ammo As Cameroonian authorities prepare for a second round of negotiations with separatist leaders from the Anglophone West, the government awarded its army a hefty budget increase. Earlier on Thursday morning, the PM visited some hospitalized survivors of the attack. That much is clear, and is expected inside and outside of the west African country – Biya has misruled with an iron fist for nearly 40 years. Cameroon President Paul Biya attends a signing ceremony at the Great Hall Of The People on Thursday, March 22, 2018, in Beijing. In 2017, the longstanding tensions between Biya’s Paris-backed regime and the English-speaking regions morphed into an all separatist conflict. Biya has turned Cameroon into a highly authoritarian and fascinatingly corrupt country. It actually earned Transparency International’s No 1 ranking as “the world corruption champion” two years in a row, in 1998 and 1999.Many Cameroonians live in dire poverty. So long as Biya is in power the violence or corruption will not stop soon. “We sincerely thank God and the President of the Republic for standing behind us at this point – these difficult moments we are going through. The students killed include Nzakame Rhema (10 years), Nguemene Princess (11 years), Anangim Jenifer (11 years), Ngwane Renny Munge (12 years), Victory Ngamenyi Camibon (12 years), Scheygnia Cindi (14 years), and Che Thellma Nchangwi (15 years). • Vava Tampa is a freelance writer, focusing on Africa’s great lakes, decolonisation and culture, 'Gold pits have become tombs': mining leaves a tragic legacy in Cameroon. From the release of opposition leader Maurice Kamto and Anglophone militants, to the conclusions of the Great National Dialogue, the Cameroon president is hoping to avoid letting the federalism genie out of the bottle. Cameroon's President Paul Biya has been in power for 36 years (CNN) Cameroonians are heading to the polls on Sunday where they are expected to re … “It is necessary to pursue the smooth implementation of the Programme concluded with the IMF. This is why I think the poll will become a flash point, resulting in an escalation of the violence which persists, especially in opposition stronghold English-speaking regions where rebels have banned voting. On October 24, 2020, Saint Francisca International Bilingual Academy was attacked in Fiango, Kumba. Tributes have been paid to seven schoolchildren murdered in Kumba on October 24, 2020, by gunmen. Despite Ahidjo’s resignation, he still had expectations of retaining control over the government—intentions that did not sit well with Biya. Selon ce qu’indique le journal, la volonté de Paul Biya d’engager des négociations avec les séparatistes dans la partie anglophone du Cameroun se heurterait néanmoins à l’opposition de quelques cadres du régime de Yaoundé. And in any case, the perpetrators of these hideous acts will be apprehended and brought to justice.”. Paul Biya is playing a tactical masterclass. From surveillance technology to security personnel, Cameroon’s presidential security is entirely in the hands of Israeli firms. Another estimated 6.2 million are in need of humanitarian assistance. Other articles where Paul Biya is discussed: Cameroon: Transition: …was succeeded by Prime Minister Paul Biya under the constitution; however, Ahidjo remained head of the UNC, the sole political party. Vava Tampa . The country should be rich, but millions live in dire poverty. Since independence from France in 1960, Cameroon has been ruled by one party and two presidents. Biya, who “won” his seventh term with more than 70% in 2018, has been in power since 1982, before 75% of the population was even born. 0. On 6 December, Africa’s oldest serving leader, Paul Biya, and his ruling party, Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (RDPC), will be declared the winner of the country’s first ever regional elections. The President of the Republic, who is a father and a grandfather, is extremely saddened by what happened here and we are all, as parents, also touched by it. Celui qu'on appelait « Sphinx » ou « Lion » était un président atypique qui dirigeait le Cameroun depuis 1982. But Biya’s life-presidency, corruption and use of indiscriminate violence as a first resort have made Cameroon a country in crisis; on a downward trajectory I fear the world will only wake up to when nobody is left to save and Biya is too frail to stand trial. The way I see it, Biya is losing the argument against the English-speaking south-west and north-west regions who want to create an independent anglophone state to free themselves from this despot. Paul Biya (born Paul Barthélemy Biya'a bi Mvondo ; 13 February 1933) is a Cameroonian politician serving as the president of Cameroon since 6 November 1982. Paul Biya will clock 38 years as president of Cameroon tomorrow, November 6, maintaining his position as Africa's second longest-ruling leader. Paul Biya Is Offering Cameroon’s Anglophones Too Little, Too Late. The street demonstrations later morphed into ongoing running gun battles between state forces and armed separatist fighters in the predominantly English-speaking regions, leading to untold destruction of human lives, their habitats, and livelihoods. State forces have been battling to dislodge armed separatists who pitched their tents in the North West and South West Regions since the current crisis transformed into an armed conflict in 2017. He is only beaten by Teodoro Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea, who has been in power for nearly 41 years. But the question we should be asking, but as yet have not, is what this means for Cameroon’s 25 million people. We continue to count on you as we face these big challenges in our lives. And he has asked me to come and give his solidarity to the people of Kumba, and the people of the South West and North West Regions who have been going through a lot of adversity throughout these years. A mother and child walk past a destroyed car in a small town on the main highway near Buea on May 11, 2019 The location is one of many residential areas that now lie empty as residents flee to the main city of Buea or into the deep tropical forests after violence in the region. All Rights Reserved 2000-2020 © Cameroon-Info.Net, PM Dion Ngute represented President Biya at funeral. Actualité cameroun paul biya Non seulement le président Paul Biya n'a pas pris la parole, mais la présidence de la République du Cameroun n'a pas. PM Dion Ngute said: “The President of the Republic asked me to come here with the Governor of the South West region, along with many members of government to console the parents of the young students who were killed and to visit the injured in hospital. Secession in Cameroon could kill FranceAfrique. Simple. So why is Biya is rushing to organise it now, in a middle of a coronavirus pandemic as well as a local separatist war that has, according to the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa, killed more than 4,000 people and internally displaced a further 500,000? We are hopeful that this will come to an end very soon. This should compel us all to act. “My country is complex.We were first a German colony. Cameroon’s octogenarian president, Paul Biya, who has held power for 36 years, has won another term after an election marred by allegations of fraud … Februar 1933 in Mvomekaa, Kamerun als Paul Barthélemy Biya'a bi Mvondo) ist seit 1982 der zweite Präsident Kameruns. L'homme de 85 ans a obtenu 71,28 % des suffrages. After the coffining of the remains at the mortuary of the Kumba District Hospital, an official funeral and inter-faith prayers in honor of the deceased took place at the Amusement Park in Kumba in the presence of the PM and other members of government, state dignitaries, lawmakers, traditional rulers, clergy and a thick crowd of mourners. But France, the former colonial power, is still betting on one of its leading African strongmen and his electoral ploy, even though everyone knows it will not be free, fair or transparent. Cameroon has opposed French President Emmanuel Macron’s remarks over a separatist crisis in the country’s English-speaking regions. 272.